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“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living”
– Albert Einstein

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Welcome to Goddyn & Associates Financial Services

Money is one of the most important things in our lives, yet everyone seems reluctant to talk about it! We’re passionate about talking about money, saving money, and being smart about money. We help you plan for your financial successes – such as becoming a homeowner, saving for your children’s education, or making sure you can afford your dream retirement.

Our clients feel empowered after working with us because they have a clear plan for their money. 

Since 1996, Goddyn & Associates Financial has worked with individuals, families and business owners to help protect what’s important. From ensuring you are set up with the right insurance policy to cover your assets to helping you initiate a simple and realistic investment strategy, we are a full-service financial practice in Kamloops, here for all your financial needs.


Finding the right mortgage solution is not just about the lowest interest rate. It is also about selecting the right product for your needs.


 Together we will walk through five specific steps that will ensure your goal is achieved and you walk away with the exact insurance you need.


We follow a disciplined approach to assess the full picture, analyze the options and continuously monitor the progress towards the goal.


1. We Have A Meeting

To discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help

2. Follow up to review the plan

We find the best plan for your goals

3. Execute the plan

We setup and put the plan into action


We are brokers, and your financial objectives is our first priority. If you choose to purchase a financial product through us, we will be paid a sales commission from the company that provides the product.

You do not pay fees for our services!

Let us provide you with strategic advice tailored to your needs.

Financial Advice for Every Stage of Life.


The millennial generation faces a unique set of challenges, including a competitive job market and significant debt that can make it difficult to obtain financial stability.
We can help you set up your financial future.


Everyone has a different goal for retirement. It's a huge milestone in life and one that we can't wait to reach. To enjoy your retirement years, it's essential to start planning early.


As a self-employed contractor, you have access to many financial tools that employees don’t. This can be an advantage, but it can also be overwhelming. Solid financial advice can relieve this.

Voted in the Top 3 Best in Kamloops for Financial Services for 8 years in a row!

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Reviews from our Amazing Clients

Rob Moreau
Rob Moreau
Stacy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was creative when coming up with various option for our financial position. She was very pleasant to work with and look forward to our future gains
Jacalyn Bjorge Black
Jacalyn Bjorge Black
Stacey is very knowledgeable on the business and the products. We feel very confident in her ability to help us manage our account.
Daniela Rodríguez
Daniela Rodríguez
I came to Stacey asking for an interview to get to know her experiences in the Financial Industry, but what I take out was more than expected. She was willing to provide her time to sincerely share her expertise, and what stood out the most were her values and her people-driven approach to doing business. I strongly recommend reaching out Stacey to set up a plan to achieve your financial goals.
The Blitz
The Blitz
Stacey is amazing , she was very comforting and didn’t judge . And only wants to help you achieve your goals . I’m very excited to work on goals with her . And have a set plan . Spencer
Paul Scavuzzo
Paul Scavuzzo
Ms. Vair was very helpful, forthcoming and reassuring in our meeting, and really gave me a sense that I have, in her and her firm, the enthusiastic relationship in long-game holistic and professional support that I need. The vibe is that she 'gets me' and I am looking forward to 2023 and beyond. Thanks Stacey!
Merek De Witte
Merek De Witte
Very helpful and informative!
We have worked with Stacey on our investments for over 5 years and recently set up a mortgage through her as well. She is always very responsive and knowledgable, helping us max out on government matching programs where possible. Would highly recommend working with Stacey!

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